(From 10-11 Feb 2010 INMS Team Meeting)
  1. Publication Policy: This policy will be posted on the INMS web site and we ask that all INMS team members and other participating scientists using INMS data and resources respect this policy. The Cassini project policy, when revised, will also be posted on this site. Attention will be drawn to any changes in either policy. Comments on this policy should be addressed to the INMS PI: Hunter Waite
  2. Statute of limitations: If any of the following sets of conditions are not acted upon by the presumptive lead author(s) within 6 months then any member scientist of the INMS team may take over the lead on the paper by notifying the Team Leader.
  3. Acknowledgements: In all cases authors must acknowledge NASA and other federal institution contracts and grants as appropriate. The INMS contract number will be posted on the web site. Authors must also acknowledge the "support of the INMS hardware and operations teams" until further notice.
  4. Principle of contribution: Every author must contribute to the paper(s) in which he/she participates. Authors who are invited to join because of hardware connections are expected to contribute. No free rides are to be given or expected.
  5. Principle of posting: At the point when a presentation jells (i.e., there exists a title, an author list, and an abstract) this information should be registered in the Papers section of the ION Ground Data System. At that point other authors may want to contribute and should notify the senior author.
  6. Outside data exchanges: Consistent with an open data policy, outside requests do not have to have the PIís OK subject to the following: Data requests from outside authors to INMS team members must be posted on the ION Ground Data System in the Papers section, giving the information in Item 3. If any INMS team member feels the data should be restricted (e.g. because of prior claim to the subject) or that there are other issues restricting the use of the data then the problem should be brought to the PIís attention for resolution.
  7. Participation in this policy: This policy requires INMS team members to be pro-active and to monitor the INMS web site and ION Ground Data System for issues relating to data and publication rights. The data will be freely available to the scientific community unless a valid objection is raised by a team member.
  8. INMS overview papers: Papers covering major Cassini objectives in which the Cassini project organizes a coordinated publication will be led by the PI or his designate with all Co-Iís as authors and with other authors based on their contributions to the paper. In all cases it is understood that "other authors" may include authors invited from outside the INMS team.
  9. Collaborations outside the INMS team. Papers making use of INMS data may be originated outside the INMS team with non-INMS members as senior authors and INMS team members as contributing authors. In that case Item 8 applies.
  10. Reviews. The invited author using already published INMS data may invite other team members to participate at his/her discretion. Authors making use of proprietary data should abide by the above rules with respect to co-authors.